Post-Show Report for SIFSE 2011

Post-Show Report for SIFSE 2011

1.Exhibition Background:

Shanghai International Fisheries & Seafood Expo (SIFSE) is sponsored Shanghai Fisheries Trade Association, China Tongyuan Corporation and supported by Shanghai Municipal Government and, aiming at promoting the trading and communication in the fishery industry worldwide. It has been held in Shanghai successfully for 6 years, playing its role as a leading trade platform for international seafood suppliers to enter the China market, especially the rich Yangtze River delta region, and for domestic suppliers to meet international buyers.

As an international seafood exhibition held in Chinese biggest consuming city Shanghai, the SIFSE 2011 has attracted 23,170 visitors, 351 exhibitors from over 20 countries.

2.Figure Analysis

a)Exhibitor analysis:

There are 351 exhibitors (243 independent exhibitors and 108 from national/regional delegation) from China, USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, Malysia, New Zealand Vietnam, etc., 12000O displaying space. Their main products are:

b)Visitors analysis

SIFSE 2011 has attracted 23,170 visitors from home and abroad (11473 professional visitors and 11697 non-professional visitors as individual buyers from Shanghai and nearby cities). Among the 11473 professional visitors, 803 are overseas which accounts for 7.9% of the total visitors. Among the Chinese visitors, 72.1% are from east China region, which shows SIFSEs high influence the eastern coastal region. According to visitor statistics, frozen seafood and fresh seafood are most popular at this show, processed seafood and aquaculture food was right after, details as below:

3.Key Features of the show

As a top trade show in fisheries industry in east China, the SIFSE 2011 presents the following features:

Big players stage

Under the huge influence of SIFSE in eastern China region, a lot of the big players in the fisheries industry participated in the SIFSE with big booths, including Shanghai Fisheries General Corp (Group),Dalian Gengzihao Food Sales Co.,Ltd,Dalian Xiaoqin Food Co.,Ltd,Dalian Zhangzidao Fishery Group Co.,Ltd. Their presented products including: West African cuttlefish ,Atlantic squid, Peru squid,etc.

Japan & Korea pavilion

As major seafood exporters to China, Japan and Korea participated the SIFSE 2011 with together 17 companies, presented their featured products including: eel, tuna, ribbon fish, etc.

The Japan pavilion was organized by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, its attending expressed Japanese companies high confidence or re-entering the Chinese seafood market after nuclear radiation issue of 3.11 earth quake in Japan.

The Korea pavilion was organized by Busan Metropolitan City, Asia Pacific Fisheries Trade Association, which were also the organizer of Busan International Seafood & Fisheries Expo (BISFE). As one of the major international partners of SIFSE, the BISFE is also the leading seafood trade show in Korea.


4.Rich on-site activities:

In order to make SIFSE 2011 more colorful and diversified, the organizer have arranged activities as follows:

1). Competition of Most Popular Seafood Product in SIFSE 2011

2). Competition of Best Designed Booth in SIFSE 2011

3). Auction of Norwegian wild King Crab

4). Visiting Shanghai seafood markets

In order to let more foreign visitor know more about shanghai seafood market, SIFSE 2011 has arranged two-day free bus for exhibitors and visitors to visit shanghai seafood markets (Tongchuan Aquatic Products market, Eastern Oriental Aquatic Products market, Baichuan General Food Products market). This is the first time SIFSE organize such activity, it brings better understanding of the Shanghai seafood market to exhibitors and visitors of the show, over 200 exhibitors/visitors has joined this visiting.

5. Comments from Exhibitors & Visitors:

Blue Seafood Co., Ltd, Korea. (exhibitor)
Mr Kim

This exhibition is different from the seafood show in Qingdao and Brussels, Shanghai is a big international platform, with huge market potential, a large number of industry professionals are gathered here and we met a lot of high quality buyers. It worth taking a big booth here!

Launch Fishery (Taicang) Co., Ltd.
Mr Jiang

Im very satisfied with the result of the show, my company has taken a big booth at the show and received a nearly 50 high potential customers during the three days exhibition, quite a few are from international. Well definitely participate again next time!

Australia Unique Fishery Co.,Ltd
Mr Jack
Vice Manager

This is the first time i came to Shanghai seafood show.I am moved by the service provided by the organizer from hotel-booking service to on-site service. In the exhibitions, i have met many potential business partner. I am very happy this time. Maybe if i decide to open China market, i will choose this as the first step.

Pacific Ocean Seafood, USA (visitor)
Mr Andre Wang
Vice GM

The show is not as big as the one in Boston, but I found therere many good quality products at a really competitive price, this is exciting, I will visit this show again next year!

6.SIFSE 2012 foresee

Based on the success of SIFSE 2011, the SIFSE 2012 will be held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center again on Dec 7~9, 2012, with expected 20,000 M2, 500 exhibitors, 15,000 professional visitors from 30 countries, we sincerely welcome seafood professionals to participate in the next show!

For more information, please Contact: Mr. Kim Yang