CSAE2007 Gehua China International Auto Supplies Sourcing Fair Press conference
Press conference is held in Shanghai Lufa hotel on 24th April, all the professional mediums and the important person of the auto supplies industry is presenting this conference.

CSAE2007 Gehua China International Auto Supplies Sourcing Fair is approved by the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China; it is sponsored by China Quanlian Tongyuan Company, Automobile Federation Trades, Shanghai Auto Parts Circulation Association, and Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd, and it is supported by industry Association from domestic and oversea, news medium and all the exhibitors. The fair also attracts Japan NAPOLEX, American U.MA, Shanghai Anma Automobile Accessories Co., Ltd, Sino Auto Accessories Town, and some large auto companies all around the world.

According to the introducing, CSAE2007 Gehua China International Auto Supplies Sourcing Fair will be held in the International Expo Center on August 16-18. The theme of this fair is “creating business opportunities, sharing the business information, together companies, getting the whole benefit” the fair is guided by the “professional and international” to contract exhibitors all over the world, in the same time, the fair invites Russia, Sweden, Canada, Japan, American, Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, India, Malaysia and so on many countries and the companies, related organization of auto aftermarket in China Hong Kong, Taiwan area. The display area is more than 20,000 sq.m. It is about 600 Booths and it displays about auto audio and video, Safety and Anti-Theft, auto electronics, Auto Interior and Exterior, auto environment-friendly, auto alliance and so on. The visitors will be over 40000, the large scale, the high level of the professional degree makes this fair to be the largest and the highest level exhibition which after Shanghai International Auto Expo in the East China.

At the Press conference, the sponsor introduces some characteristics of this International Auto Supplies Sourcing Fair: 1. the theme of this fair is very vivid, it is means worldwide purchasing. 2. Omni bearing and points of view of the advertisements. 3. The scene of the activities. 4. The high technology of the exhibition catalogue. 5. Enhance the exhibition characteristic service. 6. Participation of the oversea buyers. 7. Improving exhibition hall level.
  1. Disseminating platform-----100 specialized media make the strong trend , glistens the spot
Around the exhibition, the Ministry of Commerce website, CCTV, Guangdong TV, Guangzhou TV, Shanghai TV. Shanghai Taiwan, PRC, Tencent, GOOGLE,, Alibaba, the Guangzhou Evening News, Nan fang Daily. Nanfang Dushi Newspaper, The Guangzhou Daily, The private economy has reported that China trade newspaper, reported the China Automobile, Shanghai Automotive reported that the New People's Daily. Yangtze Evening Post, the Liberation Daily, Express, the Chinese Business Times Herald automobiles, Auto magazines, Car era, the Era cars, Kyushu media Conghui International Asia-Pacific magazines, Advertising, MA, Finding that advertising and automotive electronic world, the potential advertising Jushi modification and automotive electronic appliances Page advertising, urban homes, the former tide Tribune, the auto electronic products, information networks, the Chinese auto industry information network. Music video network in China's automobile, auto supplies network, the Asian Network, the auto supplies of Business Network, a new network Online auto supplies, over 100 local television stations, and other media in the first authoritative coverage of this exhibition.
  1. Trading platform------ Vivid economical cradle, splendid trade stage.
This fair will invite the industry associations, commerce chambers from domestic and oversea. Invited distributors, agents, 4S stores, and international and transnational procurement professional buyers come to purchase and visit, the business service by the zero, the breakthrough commerce cost things, reduce the cost consumption on the supply chain, increase international cooperation and communication. in the same time, this fair will use the electronic information management system, include consult online, booth predetermined, professional visitors registration online and so on. The exhibitors and the visitors will be on the fair and the fair will become the platform for developing the market, improving the company image, building professional brand.

3 fashion platform------lead fashion, build platform

During the exhibitions, we will firmly follow the fashion theme, knowing the marketing trends, Personalities, advocating self-arming to mobile personal living space in the end, the transmission of the latest advice, modified vehicles, communication and exchange.

On the press conference, many exhibitors cooperate with CSAE Expo for many years, for example Japan NAPOLEX, America U.MA group, Anma CO., Ltd and so on, which all are made the splendid speech. Mr. Wells Takao who is the manager of Japan NAPOLEX from the Japan on the meeting express that the cooperation with Gehua CSAE Expo is not only joyful but also have many harvest, in the same time ,hope the community pay an attention for CSAE Expo and the new products of NAPOLEX. Looking forward to cooperate with Gehua again .finally hope the CSAE fair can be held successfully on August.

In recent years, following GDP increasing so fast, basic on the international advanced technology and manufacturing abilities, China auto accessories industry is becoming an important strength in the auto industry all over the world. Furthermore, in China Shanghai, it becomes an important market of auto accessory sales and popularizations. We believe that, in the supporting and participating of the auto accessory industry from domestic and oversea, basic on the successful of the last 4 fairs, we will continue giving the best service with the creative concept to make the CSAE2007 Gehua China International Auto Supplies Sourcing Fair more Splendid, more successful and will do our best to turn it into the most popular international exhibition of the auto accessory.

By: Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd.-Shanghai 2nd Branch