Shanghai International Fisheries & Seafood Exposition 2007 Rounded off

Shanghai International Fisheries & Seafood Exposition 2007 Rounded off
——Tang Qiqing, the president of Shanghai Fisheries Trade Association, attended the exposition to view and emulate, conveying greetings to exhibitors.

   A few days ago, Shanghai International Fisheries Seafood Exposition 2007 held jointly by the Shanghai Fisheries Trade Association and China Tongyuan Corp., which is affiliated to All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, was rounded off and achieved the expected effect. From 22th Jun., to 24th Jun. 2007, the 2nd Shanghai International Fisheries & Seafood Exposition, which was held in the Shanghai Mart, attacked a lot of guests all over the world, with the people in the exhibition hall in an endless stream, among whom there were almost ten thousands of the professional visitors from more than 30 countries and religions coming here to view and emulate. The total transaction value, as well as the initial reached intentions to cooperate in the scene of exhibition, exceeded those of the 1st one. Both the foreign/domestic exhibitors and the professional visitors gave affirmative evaluations of the exhibition effect. Abundant reports on this exposition was made in the Daily News of Shanghai TV Station, on the front page of Xinmin Evening News and by a great deal of the mainstream media, which resulted in good social influence and further improvement in the reputation of Shanghai Media Exhibition among the domestic fisheries and seafood expositions. During the exhibition period, Tang Qiqing, the president of Shanghai Fisheries Trade Association, which played a role as an organizer, attended the exposition to view and emulate, conveying greetings to exhibitors and member enterprises of the association.  
Shanghai International Fisheries Seafood Exposition 2007 kept its scale the same as the firstly one. There were more than 120 fisheries enterprises and enterprises of related industries from 10 countries and cities/provinces nationwide attending the exposition. Although its scale was not very large, some improvements were still carried out in the aspects of booth arrangement, emphases on investment –inviting, product characteristics, professional visit and etc, which gained approval from the fishery industry circle and the exhibition experts.
Exhibitors and Features
    Exhibition enterprises in this exposition were mainly composed of those specialized in processing fishery products, which covered the main aspect of the fishery industry. The foreign exhibition enterprises were mainly from Korea, Japan, Singapore, Russia, Denmark, America, Canada, Israel, Burma and etc. The domestic exhibition enterprises came form 16 of provinces/cities and religions. Besides, about 20 enterprises, all of which were the member enterprises of the association with Shanghai Eternal Food Co., Ltd. included, attended the exposition. What’s worth paying attention to was that after the 3rd Cross-Straits Economic and Trade Forum, based on a condition that the economy investment entities had already been established by relevant fisheries enterprises under the leadership of fisheries trade organizations for the firstly time, the integrated resources of fisheries enterprises from the Treasured Island in china entirely and sharply entered Shanghai International Fisheries Seafood Exposition. During the exhibition period, the organizers also organized activities for recommending characteristic fishery products in Taiwan and visiting/inspecting Shanghai One Foods Machinery Co., Ltd.
The exhibition contents of this expo included high rank seafood, processed fishery food, fishery products trade, cultivation products in sea/fresh water, processing machinery for fishery products, equipment manufacturing and etc, among which some high rank seafood firstly entered into domestic market and characteristic fishery products of Treasured Island series also firstly attended the exposition. Furthermore, there were some main glittering points in this exposition, i.e. cultivation products in sea/fresh water with a brand- “safety and high quality” and the advanced processing equipment and technology brought in by foreign exhibitors.
¡ïDiversified rare sea animals: Deep sea lobsters from North America, as well as the classic lobsters provided by Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership, a range of scallops provided by Eastern Fisheries Inc. Company and stichopus japonicus, the pacific abalones, scallop patinopecten and purple sea urchins form Dalian Zhangzidao, Dalian.
   ¡ïAmong the present adjustments to fishery products wholesale market, the thing attacks insiders most is the market at level of modernization. The established Orient International Fishery Product Center Market showed an image in accordance with the fishery product wholesale market in Shanghai, an internationalized city. Although Jiangyang Fishery Product Wholesale Market didn’t attend the exposition, it also set up an air archway in the exhibition entry for publicizing itself. 
   ¡ïThe exhibition group of fishery products from Taiwan, who firstly took part in the exposition, brought in particular milk fish exclusively possessed in Taiwan ,characteristic sashimi, frozen fishery products, precooked and processed fishery products and other series products; delicate gift-boxes for abalones, shark's fins and bird's nests, all of which belonged to the processed products with high quality in Taiwan, and ornamental articles for commemorating the fisheries£¦seafood exposition were also provided.
   ¡ïAtlantium (Israel)’s technology for water sterilization, which was the most advanced one among the whole world, the world advanced technology about the pickle injector machine from FOMACO Foods Machinery Co., Ltd, sophisticated technology about food machinery and its processing technique and vacuum cooling infrared-rays dryer from Japan and etc.
   ¡ïBoth of the “Tongwei” fish and the “Chun” organic fish in Qiandaohu Lake were advertised as ecological fish and green fish.
   ¡ïThe enterprise image publicizing, as well as the products exhibiting of the following enterprises had distinct characteristics: Zhejiang Ocean Fisheries Group Co., Ltd, Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership, Changhua International Co., Ltd (Taiwan) and Fujian Province Ningde City ocean technology head office, among which the first enterprise won particular favors from visitors due to its anatomic demonstration of tuna two times per day and testing activities.
Sellers and Buyers
    During the exhibition, which spent three days, numerous foreign/domestic manufactures, dealers and professional visitors were attacked to attend the exposition for visiting, consulting and negotiating.  During the exhibition period, there were near ten thousands of professional visitors from more than 30 countries and regions attending the exposition to view and emulate, among whom the attended foreign visitors were relatively active, taking almost 20% of the visitor count.  The foreign visitors were mainly from England, France, Spain, America, Russia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Burma and countries in the Middle East, such as Dubai. Those investors from Europe, Russia and America were mainly composed of merchants and dealers, who attached their attention to carry through business negotiation. Those investors from Southeast Asian countries mainly focused on seeking sellers and exporting the fishery products made in their countries. Moreover, those investors from other countries and regions attended the exposition for business investigation, acquainting themselves with fishery product information and investigating the development situation of the fishery industry in Shanghai. The representatives of the commercial sections, consulates of Canada, America, Spain, Japan and Korea in Shanghai also attended the exposition one after another to view and emulate. Mr. Tint. Swe, the official of both the Burman Fishery Products and Processing Association, together with Zhengde, the secretary general of Asia Pacific Fisheries Trade Association (Busan, Koran) also paid a special on-site visit to Shanghai Fisheries Trade Association for knowing and gaining the latest information related to their countries. As far as the domestic visitors were concerned, except for those professional visitors from the Yangtze River Delta Area, Hong Kong and Taiwan, there also were several associations from Guangdong Province, Shangdong Province, Fujian Province, Anhui Province and etc, and some professional visitors from coastal areas, who made special trips for attending and visiting. Guangdong Aquatic Products Processing£¦Marketing Association even organized a delegation to attend the exposition for viewing, emulating and inspecting. Both the foreign and the domestic investors expected to strengthen communicative interaction of the foreign and domestic fishery products trade by this cooperation platform provided by this exposition.
Although Shanghai International Fisheries & Seafood Exposition 2007 was not provided with a large scale, due to a reason that a great deal of work had been done by the organizers and the undertakers before the exposition, both the specialty and the effect of the exposition were very distinct, with excellent reverberation. During the exhibition period, the exposition was popular enough and the investors were professional enough. Therefore, it reached an excellent achievement.Many exhibitors reflected that there was a flood of visitors in the first day and an endless stream of visitors in the later two days. Numerous professional visitors came here to view and emulate. Furthermore, the investors from various countries were with wide sources, and there also were quite a few domestic investors. Since big local stores, supermarkets, large-scale hotels played lots of orders there, more people could be contacted, more friends be made and the much consultation accepted. As a result, the ratio to become successful was undoubtedly high.As we known, Shanghai Liandi Seafoods Co., Ltd, a exhibition enterprise, which was also a member of the association, received more than 50 orders in all only within three (3) days of the exposition.The investors who came here for visiting also reflected that since there were enough peoples attending the exposition, where was flooded with desires to negotiate, and the characteristic products, which ultimately increased their resolutions to play orders. According to incomplete statistics, the total transaction value, as well as the initial reached intentions to cooperate in the scene of exhibition, exceeded those of the 1st one. Quite a few exhibition enterprises showed that they expected the exposition would be held again next year and they would be willing to attend the exposition next year. Moreover, they hoped that the scale of the next exposition would be extended.  According to initial information, 50% of the exhibition enterprises showed their intentions to take part in the exposition next year.
Interaction and Attention
    The host of Shanghai International Fisheries & Seafood Exposition 2007 attacked the attention of associations here and there.During the exhibition period, the following leaders attended the exposition to view and emulate, offering their congratulation: ¢ÙDeng Jiazhuo, the president of Guangdong Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association; ¢ÚChen Jimei, the president of Fujian Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association; ¢ÛZhou Jiaxing, the deputy secretary-general of Zhejiang Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association; ¢ÜLu Zijie, the deputy secretary-general of Jiangsu Provincial Fisheries Association; ¢ÝWang Jianxun, the secretary-general of Anhui Fisheries Association; ¢ÞGuan Huijing, the deputy secretary-general of China Eel Industrial Association; ¢ßYao Limin, the secretary-general of China Fishing Vessels and Fishery Machinery Association; ¢àother leaders of relevant associations. A great deal of the mainstream media paid much attention to this exposition and made abundant reports, such as Shanghai Television Station, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Mobile Television, “Xinmin Evening News”, “Shanghai Morning Post”,” Shanghai Evening News”,” News Times”,” Oriental Morning Post”,” LaoDong Daily”,” Youth Daily”, ”Eetro Express”, ”China Ocean News”, “China Daily”, “Taiwan Tribune” and etc. Besides, the foreign cooperated media, as well as the websites, also gave affirmative evaluations of the exhibition effect.
 Shanghai International Fisheries & Seafood Exposition 2007 was held successfully with its achievements exceeding those of the first one. As a ideal cooperation and trade platform and a chance to communicate with each other, this exposition attracted government representatives from different areas and regions all over the world to come here for visiting and negotiating, which finally further strengthened the foreign exchange and cooperation of the fishery industry in Shanghai. What is more it expanded the radiation effect influence of the fishery industry in Shanghai, an international metropolitan and constantly promoted the interaction between Shanghai fisheries trade and global fisheries trade.

Shanghai Fisheries Trade Association

25th June, 2007